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Non-Profit Overview

                               Lofte Ground, Inc. 

                                        Est. 2020

Lofte Ground, Inc. 501(c)(3) is organized exclusively for charitable, literary, and educational purposes. Lofte Ground, Inc.’s purpose is to foster community based programs for males to improve their emotional, mental, physical and social skills through education, mentoring, resources/tools to decrease systematic trends in order to, at its discretion:


Provide safe and stable living accommodations for at risk youth and adults transitioning back into society after incarceration;

Provide safe and stable living accommodations for seniors to include activities that will provide a quality of life during their later years;

Provide safe and stable living accommodations for veterans transitioning back into society;

Provide basic life-skills, including consumer education and instruction in budgeting, establishing credit, housekeeping, menu planning, food preparation and parenting skills and family support services;

Provide educational opportunities for youth in the areas of Science, Technology, Reading, Art and Math (S.T.R.E.A.M.). We will provide and collect data based on curriculum planning and measured outcomes.

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