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Our Organization Initiatives

Revitalizing Our Communities One Male At A Time

Programs: Programs

S.T.R.E.A.M Program (3-12 YEARS OLD)

Stimulating Young Minds Through Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, and Math

In an ever evolving world, we must ensure that our young men are in front of the curve and not behind it. Prince Georges county is the most influential and wealthiest community in America and they still lack the necessary skills to prepare our children to be competitive in the areas of Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts and Math. Unfortunately, our children continuously lag in test scores, academically and with job opportunities in specific industries. This program will ensure that our children are competent in those areas, and are not left behind. 

We offer activities that engage youth in understanding the importance of these subject matters and how they relate to their everyday lives. Children who are disenfranchised are marginalized and not given the opportunities that are afforded to others. We want to bridge that gap! Offering free tutoring, mentorship and creating innovative ways for our children to foster their innate ability to learn is critical. By providing targeted days of the week for each subject are we can properly measure outcomes for each child in our program.

Happy Senior Couple

Senior Care & Support

Ensuring Their Later Years Are Greater

Our male seniors matter and we want to give them their flowers while they are still here (beauty for ashes). Often seniors are able to still function in society with minimal assistance. We want to provide them with the necessary skills, services and support they need to include access to nutritious meals, affordable medications, healthcare, aides and affordable housing options.


Preparation for Success Program

Providing Access To Resources For Men Within Our Communities 

Men who have been incarcerated often lack the educational resources and skills needed with transitioning back into society. As a result, many repeat the cycle and go back to jail. We will assist by providing mentoring services, tutoring services, finding temporary housing facilities, food services and services for job and trade skills by partnering with companies locally and online as well as, for males within our communities seeking new opportunities and educational resources. 

Preparation for Success is an innovative online program that provides education and life skills for African American men ages 16-40 years old who are in at-risk populations in Prince George’s County, Maryland. 

Army Medals

Veteran Care & Support

Supporting Those Who Sacrifice For Us

We want to ensure that our male Veterans who've served our country are able to transition back into society. We will provide services for their families while they are away and ensure that they have the skills necessary to transition back into mainstream society to include technical skills, mental health services, routine medical check ups, food services, development of other trade skills and temporary housing as needed.

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