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JUNE 17TH,2023

our member education center


Education is critical to our vision to revitalize communities. We understand the challenges that many men face with obtaining quality education. These challenges become and more evident when considering costs of education. 

We are excited to announce our partnership with Grow with Google to help bridge this gap in the community. This partnership provides us with access to deliver FREE education in workforce development, business, and more to members of our program and communities. 

All of these programs are located in our member education center. Simply provide your name and email address and you will be provided with access to a some amazing courses to help change the trajectory of your personal and professional lives. 

May Is Mental Health Awareness Month

Did You Know?


Among men aged 18–44 who had daily feelings of anxiety or depression, non-Hispanic black and Hispanic men (26.4%) were less likely than non-Hispanic white men (45.4%) to have used mental health treatments.

Source: Centers for Disease Control 

Mental Health Resources


Financial Literacy = Freedom

Lofte Ground, Inc. is proud to announce our partnership with the FDIC. Register today for this FREE self-paced financial literacy course. Complete the form below to gain access to this dynamic course. 

Register Today

Go at Your Own Pace

Have you ever completed a financial literacy course?

Did You Know?


According to the 2021 TIAA Institute-GFLEC Personal Finance Index, African Americans answered an average of 38 percent of the study’s financial literacy questions correctly, whereas white Americans answered an average of 55 percent of questions correctly.

Source: Annuity.Org

April 2021: Financial Literacy Training


"I had the opportunity to attend the Lofte Ground Financial Literacy workshops in April. Each week they provided well qualified dynamic speakers that provided great insight on finances including important things such as budgeting, estate planning, and more. Each expert guest provided a wealth of knowledge and were more than willing to provide answers to questions each of us may have had. I am grateful his opportunity is available within our communities and looking forward to many more."


Andre J. Walker

"Thank you for the invite on the Financial Literacy Workshop course. The presenter was very knowledgeable and able to break down financial terms for the average listener. My wife and I had been discussing more investments and what we wanted to do with our finances for quite some time as it relates to our personal economy and the financial future of our children. As the presenter spoke about certain investments, some of which we had previously known about, and several other investments that we had no idea about and the importance of utilizing its benefits. We would like to schedule a call with him to get clarity on where we should invest our funds. This course was awesome and the timing of it couldn't have been better. 

Pastor Dallas Simmons

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